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Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahim

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August 23rd, 2007

03:23 pm - let me introduce myself
well my name is rose im a 22 yr old college student and i am not muslim. i am on my path to islam right now i am hoping that by the time i move to texas i will have reverted. i was previously catholic but left the church to get into islam. i am currently living in a really small little racist towns so i dont have any muslim friends as a matter of fact i have never seen a hijab wearing muslim woman here and we dont have a mosque ...... but anyways i am kinda going at this alone but if anyone wants to chat or anything come by my page i am really friendly and really into meeting new people
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March 27th, 2007

11:44 pm
hey, im a hijabi 18 yr old muslim attending uni and im writing a research paper for my women's studies class about the hijab. basically what im talking about is whether women that wear hijab are "uneducated and oppressed" like the west often labels them... and why westerners might have this idea, and if it has anything to do with a western ethnocentric mindset.

sooooooo what im asking for is if any of you know any good sources or any good articles that might be of use to me.

ive already found a good deal of info and have 4.5 pages of my research paper done... it needs to be 9 pages and i still have a few days so im still reading up on stuff and working on it but itd be great to get some help.

thanks a lot in advance :)

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March 24th, 2007

04:37 pm - hello from the philippines
Hi! as-salaammu alaikum!
I ave just embraced Islam three months ago and I would like to thank Allah for making it possible for me to learn more about Islam through the internet... I am one of those Muslim sisters who are still getting ready to wear the hijab but hopefull insha'Allah I'll be wearing one full-time by the second week of April (in time for my internship)... Thanks for keeping up this site.it gives me courage to take on my new identity as a hijabi Filipino sister. Salaam!
Current Location: manila, philippines
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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February 21st, 2006

12:03 pm - salaam and shalom, sisters :-)
i'm so excited because i just joined this community, and i wanted to thank saturnic_tides the cool sister mod of the group for letting me come along for the ride- thank you, sweetheart!!! :-)

i've been a practicing hijabi Muslimah for nearly 3 years now, Alhamdulillah!!! i really feel that Islam, modesty, and feminism all go hand in hand with one another. i'm speaking of true feminism where equality among the genders is supported as it is wholeheartedly and completely in Al-Islam.

i also feel a special bond with the Jewish sisters who practice Tznius as we are sisters both in interfaith as well as in modesty. i have an older girlfriend who is Jewish and pratices Tznius, and we always wave excited and happy hellos and call out salaams and shaloms to eachother!!! :-)

i have lots more to say, and, Insha'Allah, i'll post more to the community in the near future :-)

Wa Salaam and Shalom Aleichem, dear sistas :-)


--m girl

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January 29th, 2006

02:40 pm - Introductions
Hello everyone! I'm new so I thought I'd make an intro post.

My name is Môrgan, and I'm a Jewish lady, but I more-or-less practice something called "Tzniut" which is basically the Jewish version of Hijab, and I am just so happy to find a place like this where we can discuss current issues, share fashions, and post links to fun sites.

This is my favorite site for scarves: Tznius.com

The clothes arent that nice, but the scarves are really nice, and theyre really big, I've had no problem getting them to cover my head and neck (although if you have long hair, like me, you may want to tie it up a bit.

Anyhow, Im glad to be a part of this!

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October 1st, 2005

02:51 pm - What can you do in ONE MINUTE? [x-posted]
What can you do in One Minute?

A Great opportunity while we are still alive is to plan and act for tomorrow; invest one minute of your daily supply of 1440 minutes and reap benefit which no business can offer. Invest 15 minutes and multiply the rewards. We all know that Allah's promise is absolute truth and we should seek it and act according to His guidance.

1. In one minute you can recite Soorat al-Fatihah 7 times, reciting rapidly and silently. Some scholars said that the reward for reading al-Fatihah is more than 1400 hasanahs, so if you read it 7 times you will, by the permission of Allah, gain more than 9800 hasanahs - all of that in one minute.

2. In one minute you can recite Soorat al-Ikhlas (Qul Huwa Allahu Ahad) 20 times, reciting rapidly and silently. Reciting it once is equivalent to one-third of the Qur'an. If you read it 20 times it is equivalent to reading the Qur'an 7 times. If you read it 20 times in one minute each day, you will have read it 600 times in one month, and 7200 times in one year, which will be equal in reward to reading the Qur'an 2400 times.

3. You can read one page of the Book of Allah in one minute.

4. You can memorize a short aayah of the Book of Allah in one minute.

5. In one minute you can say La ilaaha ill-Allah wahdahu la sharika lah, lahu'l-mulk wa lahu'l-hamd wa huwa ala kulli shay'in qadeer (There is no god except Allah alone with no partner; to Him be dominion and praise, and He is Able to do all things) - 20 times. The reward for saying this is like freeing 8 slaves for the sake of Allah from among the sons of Isma'il.

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September 7th, 2005

06:32 am - ISGH for Katrina victims!
As salaamu alaikum.
Anyone who would like to donate(clothes, food, money, etc.) to the victims of Hurricane Katrina can do so at Islamic Society of Greater Houston.

ISGH (Islamic Society of Greater Houston)
phone number: 713-524-6615
Fax: 713-524-2045
Website: www.isgh.org

They need your help!

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July 4th, 2005

02:18 am
Salaam everyone,
I figure I should take the advice of our moderator and introduce myself.
My name's Gulu and I'm going to start my second year of college at Tulane University in New Orleans this fall. I'm currently home in Kentucky for the summer. I'm studying English and Women's Studies, with maybe another major or a few minors... we'll see. Either way, I'm pre-law and hope to inshah Allah become a human rights' lawyer someday. I <333 human rights. I've been doing volunteer work for Amnesty International for about five years; call me a crazy liberal... and you're probably right.
Yeah, so I'm 18 and not particularly interesting. Umm I love to read and write. I have three sisters who are my absolute favorite people, and I really enjoy having my friends over to hang out in my basement. I'm looking ridiculously forward to the next installment of the Harry Potter series coming out in a few weeks. (!!!) I'm a music freak, mostly indie pop and dancy indie and Justin Timberlake and Conor Oberst. I have a radio show every week when I'm back in New Orleans. I believe intensely in the goodness of people and that we are and always will be above the awful things we do to each other sometimes. And, I have a job working for the Man at the Limited in the mall. I really dislike the Man.
I hope you're all doing very well, and that everyone else steps up and introduces themselves as well!
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: the velvet teen

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July 1st, 2005

09:49 pm - Asalaamu `alaykum...
C'mon girls! Let's bring this community back to life!! :P
Current Mood: boredbored

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June 27th, 2005

12:27 pm - Welcome to all new members!
Salaam 'alaikum sisters! I know that I have not made my presence known in a while now, and seeing as how just about every day I get new membership requests I think now would be a great time for all of us to introduce ourselves. So, all of you new sisters and all you veterans, why don't we post inshallah and get to know each other better!

My name is Shajarah Helminski, I am 20 years old and getting married soon inshallah. I am a student at Clayton College of Natural Health where I am working on a BS in Holistic Nutrition and certification as a Naturopathic Doctor. I also work as a medical assitant in a surgery center about 25 miles away. I am a Sufi and converted to Islam between 3 and 4 years ago subhanallah from being raised as a Roman Catholic. My uncle Sh. Kabir Helminski is one of the foremost authors/translators of Rumi and international speakers on Sufism/Islam. He also works diligently with a group called Fons Vitae (Fountain of Life) at bringing Islam into public schools. There has been much change going on in my life over the past year, alhamdulillah. My mom died last summer (Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un) and now my father is remarrying later this year and moving to Florida (we live in NJ). As the only child, my soon-to-be husband and I have been searching for a place to move into soon inshallah since my father is selling the house. As far as some of my hobbies and interests... I love water and being outdoors/camping, drawing and painting, working on the pottery wheel, reading Rumi and Hafiz, and writing.

Anyway, I'm sure that's enough for now... But inshallah you'll be seeing a lot more of me from now on! :)

Wa salaam
Current Mood: pleasedpleased

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